Reducing Startup Risk and Time to Market

We love startups and have developed techniques which can drastically improve time to market.  Applying our methodology to a startup’s technology project provides structure, properly sets expectations, identifies opportunities to leverage existing practices / technologies, and lowers risk.

Our clients are welcome to pick and choose from the various services that we offer (Discovery, Design, Development, and Delivery).  For example, we enjoy working with a team that uses our services purely for the Design and Development.

During the Discovery phase we are able to gather an understanding of the startup’s value proposition, business model, “go to market” strategy, and product requirements.

Being experts in the payments space and former CTO’s, we typically attack the project from a technical perspective.  We move into a Design phase where we assess applicable technologies, platforms, and services.  Leveraging open source technologies such as PHP allow for rapid development and have a huge developer community.  Platforms like Amazon Web Services offer a robust and inexpensive way to implement Continuous Integration, Rapid Deployment, and Scalability.  Subscribing to the right services for Cross Browser testing, Load testing, and Security validation are crucial.

Using a fully transparent, Agile Development process allows the startup to monitor the progress of the project and see results.  Using a shared code repository, shared ticketing system, and continuous integrating techniques improves visibility and allows the startup to accurately measure results.

Delivery is our favorite part of any startup project.  The hard work is just beginning.  Launching an MVP, A/B testing, and product optimization are key to scaling any startup.  Collaborating with our clients and leveraging the knowledge base, flexible product design, platforms, and third party services to rapidly change the product and capitalize on the startups unique opportunities is core to our philosophy.


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