Our methodology includes industry standard techniques and approaches that we have used to successfully design, build, and deliver systems to our customers.  We break each project into four phases with clear expectations and deliverables throughout.

Meta Section will assign a Project Manager (PM) who will serve as the main point of contact throughout the project.



During Discovery, we schedule sessions with the client and develop a clear understanding of the objectives, constraints, vendors, and timelines from the decision makers and subject matter experts.  These sessions begin with the client presenting information and continue with us presenting back the requirements.  In some cases, we reach out to vendors and other industry experts to capture further requirements.

Once the requirements are captured, we will create a concept design of the system.

Based on the type of system being developed, we may develop Use Cases and other artifacts.

Early in the Discovery phase, we will establish communications and documentation tools based on the client’s preference.



During Design, we will create a detailed design of the system based on the requirements.

In addition, we will develop a mutually agreed upon implementation plan, risk mitigation strategy, and acceptance test plan.

  • The implementation plan will define the mutual activities we will undertake and commit to.
  • The risk mitigation strategy will define the methods for measurement and resolution of any deviations from plan.
  • The acceptance test plan (ATP) will define the deliverables for project acceptance.



During the Development phase, we will develop the software and/or infrastructure based on the Requirements, Implementation Plan, and Risk Mitigation Strategy.

We will leverage the Agile/Scrum techniques (Sprints, Backlog, Standup Meetings, etc.) and provide full access to all of the underlying work items.

During this phase, we will establish a version control system.  Some options are Git and Subversion.



During the delivery phase we will perform the following:

  • Perform QA or assist the clients QA staff with developing a test plan, test cases, and testing the software.  Rework as needed.
  • Perform the install or assist the clients IT / Operations staff with installing the software.
  • Assist the Information Security people with discovery, auditing, and testing.
  • Optionally document the system (user, operations, security, etc.).
  • Optionally train the supporting staff.



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