Credit Card Acquirer Transaction Routing Business Analysis


One of our clients required assistance in documenting system and process changes required for transaction routing to new sets of end points while maintaining their existing business as usual processing.  Several phases were required due to the complex nature of the system and requirements.

Requirements Gathering and Documentation

An analysis was done of the entire system to identify every possible application that could potentially be affected.  Once the initial analysis was complete, a deep dive into the actual code was performed to verify and document the required changes.  This was an iterative process involving IT, development and business staff.


Once all the requirements and high level changes were documented, a detailed design was put in place.  The design included specific changes that would be required for each application.  Business requirements were cross referenced with tickets that were created in the customers project tracking system.  This allowed an easy way to get to design details from the business requirements.


A review was done with the development staff that would be making the changes.  This process included a review of the entire documentation set that was generated.  The review process was interactive and included Q&A during the review as well as follow up Q&A as part of the development process.

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